Windows RG (Really Good Edition)  By James Cliffe

Welcome to the Windows RG (Really Good Edition) Flash Demo page.

If you are running Internet Explorer, clicking on the "Run WinRG Flash Demo" button will run a FULLSCREEN demo of WinRG. :) (hehehe play a fun trick on a friend or coworker)

If you are running something else, clicking on the "Run WinRG Flash Demo" button will run a maximized-screen demo of WinRG.

To quit out of the flash demo, simply hold down the <alt> key and press F4 to close the flash demo window.

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The WinRG flash demo was written by James Cliffe in Macromedia Flash.
You can see the credits when you "shut down" WinRG.
I downloaded the Macromedia .swf file and am serving it here, in fullscreen mode for added effect:)

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