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Dean Liou Consulting provides reliable on-site/off-site Access and web database, network and computer support for businesses in the Austin and Houston area. We offer highly competitive rates for projects of all sizes.

As a client, you can use this website to view your paid and unpaid invoices in the Invoices section, post messages or run keyword searches on the Support Forum, and even view a calendar of onsite and offsite work sessions I have done for you in the Work Logs section.

If you are not yet a Dean Liou Consulting client, you can browse our website to get information about the different services Dean Liou Consulting offers. No project is too big or too small! We also have a portfolio of databases and websites for you to view. Dean Liou Consulting strives to build lasting business relationships and can provide you with an extensive references list at your request.


Please check out my latest project: www.BillSplit.com
BillSplit.com is an online bill splitting calculator that quickly and easily calculates the split for a bill between 2 or more people. It's perfect for roommates, coworkers and friends. And it's free too.




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